Today, Better Homes & Gardens is one of the best-selling home magazines. For years, he has shown people everything from relieving clutter at home to plants grown in the door. It also contained countless recipes and quick snacks. Many handicrafts were also exhibited. For the best deal of homes and gardens products visit now Shopify alternative free.


The magazine was actually created in 1922 under the title "Fruit, Garden and Home" and was published by the Meredith Company. It was a family and home service magazine. It was then renamed "Better Homes and Gardens" in 1924. When they first arrive at newsstands, they can be purchased for $ 10 per copy. The participation price for one year is only 35 USD. It was

Several years later, in 1930, a cookbook of the same name was published. Building Ideas was published as a particularly significant publication in 1937 under the title "Better Homes and Gardens".

Then, in 1978, a real estate service called Better Homes and Gardens was launched. The magazine has also been published in Australia. In 1993, the quilting magazine Better Homes and Gardens gave people more information about household activities.

Since the start of the magazine, the material has been based on home and garden spaces. Home themes also include craft ideas that people can create themselves. Various home decor ideas are also included to help an individual decorate their home. Tips for planting seeds and caring for plants can be found in one of the current issues of this magazine.

From information from the 1940s on how easy it was to iron at the time to an article in January 2010 on how to reduce clutter at home, the magazine is trying to help people, among other things. This magazine contains recipes for a variety of items, from cookies to baking.

All recipes are tested in the kitchen to make sure they work. This magazine also provided a guide to food in the past. Planning a family meal is very important, and such magazines make this task much easier.

There was an article in the July 1963 issue entitled "How to Preserve Youth and Look Great." What the audience needs to read doesn't seem to be changing, as there are many articles on the same topic today. An edition was published in 1965 to showcase the latest campsites on the market.

Best Home and Garden Magazines Most magazines are sold in bookstores, grocery stores, pharmacies, and by subscription at home. The subscription price today is $ 5.99 per year with 12 editions. It's only $ 0.50 a piece. The price in stores is $ 3.99 and this is the US version of 

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